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“Ous passed my filter test from just one discovery call.  It is obvious his skill set is in place to have an immediate impact on my company's success.  I qualify who I do business with based on character, integrity, as well as talent.  I look forward to working with Ous based on those qualifiers.  Sometimes, if you work hard enough, filter enough, you find people who can accelerate movement towards your goals.  I believe I found that in Ous.”

Luke Sandoval

“I really enjoyed our conversation last week. You have a deep understanding about how to set up a business and all the moving parts involved from payroll, to virtual assistants, to book keeping. You know how to get them set up and you've answered all the questions I had about them at the time. You also were kind enough to offer tax help with any questions I send you with a link to the IRS website for each question being asked. I see you play a big role on social media so I know that you've positively impacted several of the business you work with. Thank you for the call  and keep up the good work. We'll catch up again soon.”

Sergio Aguinaga
Real Estate Investor

“Not only did you exceeded my expectation but also introduced me to a more efficient way than my accountant suggested which actually ended up saving me money. After the call, I got straight to doing some additional researching and my plan is to submit my information for my LLC on Friday!”

Aleah Epps

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