The Financial Freedom Algorithm: How To Use Agile Accounting Methods to Engineer Business Growth

Building a growth flywheel requires constant fine tuning.

If you're going to grow, you need an accounting team that understands how to scale a business.

Otherwise your finances will feel like a disorganized mess.

Work with us to engineer more Cash Flow for your business and Profit your Next $1M within 12 months.*

Supporting business owners on their journey to manifest entrepreneurial freedom.

At Your Big Bank we know disorganized finances are the enemy of a sustainable business because they lead to poor decisions. Poor decisions can create frustration and cause you to lose the confidence you need continue in business.

Meet the Team

Helping IT Business Owners Enhance their Profit using Agile Accounting Methods | Growth Ops

Skyler Vondra

While working in the blockchain research & professional service industries I’ve learned that having a dedicated approach to innovation is crucial for small business’ success. During a recession, only the strong will survive and those are the businesses that listen to their customers and adapt their products accordingly. Most finance professionals help you maintain the status quo, but I’m here to share fresh insights that help your practice grow.

Nikhat Elias

While working in the Education and Information Technology industries I have learned that operational excellence is the key to business continuity. Businesses that have subpar operations are usually the first to die during recessions. Most finance professionals focus on cutting costs but I'm here to help you increase your operational effectiveness.

Ousmane Toure

While working in Investment Management, Small Business Finance & Accounting I have learned that in order to succeed you'll need to need to manage all of your capital effectively. This can be a challenge because the finances of businesses and their owners are interconnected. Finance professionals usually help you with either one or the other. You someone to help you with BOTH. That's me!

If you knew the ROI of every business decision you make,
how much bigger would your business grow?

Agile Accounting Methods Enable
Growth Ops

Your Big Bank is here to help you gain financial clarity and profit during these uncertain times. Our Agile Accounting methods enable you to measure the ROI of the small and the big decisions.

Our growth ops system has been uniquely designed to help you minimize the risks of recession and maximize its upsides.

How so?The portfolio of employees and contractors you work with determines the kind of firm you operate because the direction of your firm is defined by the skills of your professionals. 

The skills of your professionals determines the makeup of your client portfolio which has a direct impact on your profitability and the options you have to scale.

Ready to Make A Change?

Growth Ops Services

Hiring Your Big Bank to organize and interpret your finances will anchor your confidence to success.

We act as accountants and growth consultants to facilitate the delivery of information to key decision makers in your business.

All business is based on information arbitrage.

Which makes strategic leadership indispensable.

Without it, the information arbitrage that fuels business breaks down.

Work with us and you will have the financial clarity you need to build Your Big Bank.

Our Offer

Install the Big Bank Growth Ops System

Growth Ops can provide both defense and offense to your business by offering a strategic and well-rounded approach to business development, encompassing various aspects such as marketing, sales, finance, and operations.

Customized Financial System Design

We work closely with you to develop a tailored financial system, including bookkeeping, financial reporting, and budgeting processes that align with your business's unique needs and goals.

Improve Your Financial Visibility

A tailored financial system provides you with a clear and accurate view of your business' financial performance, enabling you to make informed decisions based on up-to-date and relevant data.

Well Informed Decision Making Begins With Financial Clarity

A tailored financial system enables you to analyze financial data more effectively, identifying trends, opportunities, and potential risks. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and mitigate potential issues.

Increase Your Cash Flow Using Agile Frameworks

We apply agile methodologies to manage and optimize cash flow. The goal is to adapt financial strategies to meet the evolving needs of your business. This includes identifying opportunities for cost savings, revenue growth and profitable cash management.

Map How Cash Flow Moves Through Your Business

Mapping how cash flow moves through your business can help achieve better cash flow by providing a comprehensive understanding of the sources and uses of cash within your business. This will help you improve collections, optimize expenses, enhance cash flow forecasting, and make sure you end with more cash than you started.

Frequent Monitoring of Cash Flow

Agile cash flow management involves continuously tracking your income, expenses, and cash balances. This frequent monitoring enables you to identify and address potential cash flow issues and prevent them from becoming larger problems.

Get a Business Performance Dashboard

We design and implement a customized business performance dashboard that tracks key financial and operational metrics. This tool will help you identify constraints to growth, monitor progress, and make data-driven decisions.

The Dashboard will Help Guide Strategic Decisions to Optimize Marketing/Sales & Enhance Your Customer's Experience

A dashboard can serve as a valuable tool for making strategic decisions, such as expanding into new markets, diversifying product offerings, or pursuing mergers and acquisitions. By providing you real-time data and insights, the dashboard enables you to make informed choices that drive growth.

Streamline Operations to Manage the Risks to Business Continuity

By tracking operational KPIs, you can identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks that impede growth and mitigate potential risks to your business. This information can be used to optimize processes, reduce costs, and avoid market fluctuations, competitive threats, and regulatory changes. We achieve this by developing contingency plans and strategies.

Versatile & Strategic Financial Leadership for Your Business

We offer you Virtual CFO services, providing outsourced financial expertise for small business owners. This includes providing strategic financial advice, oversight of the accounting function.

Playing Offense in the Game of Business: The Art and Science of Staying Alive

A High Powered business' offense means Having a High Gross Margin, Having a High Customer LTV, Having a Low Customer Acquisition Cost, Having a Low CAC Payback Period , Having a Low Cash Burn Rate, Having Low Revenue Churn AND being able to achieve each of these at will.

Playing Defense in the Game of Business: The Mathematics of Survival Metrics

Staying in business means having a solid processes for Risk management, Cost Controls, and Compliance. To do so we help you determine your Breakeven numbers, Calculate Cash Runway, Determine Churn, Improve Retention Rates.

Work with a Growth Ops CFO team that understands your business.

What People Say About Us

Profit with Your Big Bank

At Your Big Bank, we know disorganized finances are the enemy of a sustainable business. We provide vital financial services to give owners the confidence to manifest entrepreneurial freedom.

Being an operations manager of a medical day center, there are tons of tasks that need to get done, and things can get pretty chaotic especially regarding staying on top of financials. Having Ousmane handle all of our books, taxes and accounting needs was a huge help! Not only were we able to have clarity of our cash flows but we even increased profit margins more in the last two quarters than the entire previous year! If you're looking for someone who's an experienced CFO and well versed in all the financial aspects of a small business, I recommend you contact Ousmane ASAP. He's a very hard worker and efficient at making cash flow! Thanks again Oz!

Victor Egonu
Automated Software Consultant | Medical Healthcare Clinics

It has been a pleasure working with Ousmane who has provided insights into Quickbooks, asset management, and general accounting. He is truly a virtual CFO, who honors deadlines, time and communication, as well as providing the financial overview needed for any business owner. I will be recommending Ousmane to any business in need of accounting services in the future.

Maritt Araba Biney Jensen
Regional Manager | Africa Linkfire

Ousmane has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. He allowed for a better understanding of financial statements, tax deductions, and kpis of my business. He also walked me through how tax deducations can help improve my bottom line. Aside from the business side of things, he offered assistance on sales training and how to have my staff improve on their sales pitches and bringing awareness to the customer avatar. This in turn has helped with my current business and new business structure. I highly recommend Ousmane for anyone looking for a virtual CFO who will go above and beyond at all times. Thank you again, Ousmane for all you have done for our company!

Janeen B.
Founder | EmpowHERto

Typically working with an accountant, they just tell you how much in taxes you owe but working with YourBigBank has been a transformative experience. I have been able to save 5 figures in taxes, I have been able to increase my businesses income as a result of some of his recommendations, and he has helped me create the optimal tax structure for my business.

Calaunte W.
Co-Founder | Zector

Ousmane is the best and most knowledgeable accountant! He is extremely organized, efficient, honest, and is the lead part of my counsel team for all financial matters for my multimillion dollar health tech company. There’s no one else better for the job!

Rina Rai
Founder & Designer
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Frequestly Asked Questions

How YourBigBank can help you today?

Why do I need to determine my Customer Acquisition Cost and Plan to Sell at a multiple of the CAC?

It creates a clear roadmap to multiplying profits. (We will be doing a before and after of analytics during the business financial review call.)

Why do I need to track my marketing analytics and calculate CAC on a daily basis?

Price targets are actionable and easy to execute.

Why do I need to calculate how long it takes to break even on Customer Acquisition?

Save you the frustration of unpredictable cash flow. Allows you to engineer a solution.

Why do I need to establish a sales process and calculate conversion rates that are linked to sales copy/scripts?

Predictable sales forecasts and more confidence in business continuity.

Why do I need to allocate funds for Taxes, Expenses, Profits, Savings, and Investments?

Excellent Cash Management means you always have the amount of money you expect to have.

Why should I hire a virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO enables you to leverage insights from your financial performance to help grow your business and save more money after taxes.

Our vital financial services give you the confidence to achieve entrepreneurial freedom.